Do you need an English text from an independent, experienced and versatile Dutch writer and journalist? Don’t hesitate to contact me.

I’m well-informed in matters concerning housing, welfare, childcare, education, government, culture and historic and present-day Rotterdam. As a biologist and Master of Science I’m an expert in environmental affairs, both local and international. I have written about sustainable development in industrialized and developing countries for World Wildlife Fund, Milieudefensie (Dutch member of Friends of the Earth) and the Dutch National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development. Furthermore, I’ve written English texts for various cultural festivals, like the International Film Festival Rotterdam and WOMEX - the world music expo. I was the communication manager for the Dunya Festival, one of the oldest, liveliest and biggest (in terms of numbers of visitors) world music and arts festivals in Europe.

In November 2009 ‘Mijn boek – verhalen uit Delfshaven’ (My book – stories from Delfshaven) is published. This book is more than just a book: it is a unique project. ‘Mijn boek’ is written especially for children aged between seven and twelve, living in Delfshaven. Delfshaven is a municipality of Rotterdam where 70% of the inhabitants are immigrants, where, on an average, many children have lower grades than in other Dutch schools. For many children, reading a book is an uncommon activity. Even more, some children don’t have inspiring role-models, people that perform well in society. Their parents and family members may be jobless, socially isolated or even illiterate. ‘Mijn boek’ wants to stimulate kids, to think positively about their future and, secondly, make them enjoy reading. Therefore, I spoke to children and adults living in Delfshaven, some of them famous, like the soccer player Georginio Wijnaldum, actress Loes Luca and vocalist Suzanna Lubrano. 9000 copies of ‘Mijn boek’ are distributed as a gift at all thirty elementary schools in Delfshaven. An educational program, related to the book, is in the making.